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Seasons Massage Therapy Policies


Appointments may be scheduled directly online or by phone, text, or email. Please arrive on time for your appointment. Late
arrivals will not receive a reduced rate or an extension of time. Ideally, you should arrive a little early so as to be able to relax for a few minutes
before your appointment is scheduled.

Each appointment includes time for intake and assessment as well as time after the session is concluded for reassessment and exit. Your listed service time (ex. 30, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes) is the amount of session time. In other words, if you book a  60-minute massage, your actual appointment time will be longer as you will receive the full sixty minutes of care for your session itself.


Although a twenty-four hour notice is appreciated, we request the courtesy of a minimum twelve hour notice, should you need to cancel or
reschedule your appointment.

Cancellations with less than twelve hours’ notice are subject to a $15 fee. No notice/no show will be assessed a $25 fee. Repeated cancellations will require prepayment for future appointments. In the event of a no call/ no show for Coupon or Voucher Appointments, your voucher coupon and code will be VOID. We apologize for any inconvenience but there is no exception to this policy.

This policy is not meant to be punitive, simply fair as your appointment time is scheduled for you and, if you cancel with little notice or do not show, we have no opportunity to fill your slot and simply lose income.

We appreciate your respect for our work and schedule in this matter and consider this to be a two-way street. In the event we would have to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we will make every effort to do so with at least twenty-fours notice and In the highly unlikely event that we ever have to make a change with less than a twelve hour notice, you will receive $15 off for your rescheduled session. It's only fair.

Simply put, things happen to all of us that are beyond our control. The key is to treat each other with respect and as we would want to be treated if the roles were reversed.


Should an instance or threat of severe weather coincide with your appointment, certain stipulations above may be modified as is reasonable to accommodate the situation.

During the winter months, if ice or snow causes Linn County area schools to close or employ a delayed start or early release, you may reschedule your appointment without regard to the typical required notice.

Communication is important so that we may both be 'on the same page' when weather has the potential to impact your appointment. I commit to be in touch and to communicate clearly and will appreciate your effort to do similarly.


In general, err on the side of caution in making a judgment regarding illness. That is, if you are sick and potentially contagious, please reschedule your appointment. By its very nature, bodywork is close-proximity work and in a relatively small space. Consider that you may inadvertently share your illness with me or other clients.

Additionally, certain forms of illness may be contraindicated for bodywork. Again, this works both ways. If I am ill and potentially contagious, even if I would rather just press on and keep my appointments, I have an ethical obligation to notify my clients and reschedule rather than risk sharing my illness.


Each client is required to complete a health history form and to sign a consent form. All client records, including but not limited to these forms, will be maintained confidentially. This is an ethical requirement and is also outlined in the rules and regulations for Licensed Massage &Bodywork Therapists in Iowa.

There are a few possible exceptions to this, which include:
- if written consent for release is given by the client
- if required by law or court order
- if a client poses a danger to self or others

Client records are required to be kept for at least four years beyond the cessation of services. These records are stored securely and, if and when they are disposed of, are also handled securely.


We invite all clients and any other interested persons to follow our Facebook page. In each case, we ask that you follow our professional account, Seasons Massage Therapy, as shared on this site and elsewhere, rather than any of our personal accounts. For instance, please 'Like' and 'Follow' our Facebook page rather than sending a 'Friend' request to our personal accounts. This is not meant to appear unfriendly in any way but is, we believe, the more professional approach and one that also helps serve to maintain your privacy.


Payment is expected at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Payments may be made by cash or credit/debit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard & Discover and HSA.  We also accept checks drawn on a local bank or credit union.   

Prepaid packages are purchased in advance and, unless otherwise stated, the services offered as a part of that package may shared as long as purchaser gives permission verbally or through other means of communication.  Packages are valid for one year from the date
of purchase and are non-refundable.


Gratuity is accepted, but it is not expected. If you feel you have received excellent care and have benefited, a wonderful way to show appreciation is by telling others. Your referrals are always appreciated.


So that you may have an uninterrupted session, and for the sake of others in the office suite, we ask that you please turn off, or silence, all mobile electronic devices during your time in the office. We realize that certain professions or family situations may make having your device on at all times a necessity. In such cases, please place the device on vibrate mode.


​Sexual misconduct from massage clients is strictly forbidden. Any sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will result in the immediate termination of the session and the client will be liable for full payment of the scheduled appointment. The client will also be prohibited from receiving any future services.