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COUPLES Massage Training in cedar rapids, ia

Fall in love all over again when you rediscover the simplicity of touch!

"How do I give a massage and not get tired after 5 seconds?"

This 2 hour class will address this and so much more!  Couples in the Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas can come out and learn the art of giving a massage to your spouse or loved one.  You will learn simple and easy techniques to give a wonderful and relaxing massage without getting tired and or hurting yourself or the person on the receiving end!   THIS IS NOT A COUPLES MASSAGE.

We live in a world that is so dependent on technology that we forget the importance of touch as a form of communication. We all need to learn how to slow down and really appreciate our life partner.

Couples Massage Training is going to help you as a couple to slow down, breathe, and rediscover the deep affection that can be felt between 2 people in love while sharing the therapeutic benefits of Massage. This unique class is also a celebration and exploration of the power of human touch.

You will learn how to truly connect with your partner using focused intentional touch. Couples Massage Training will show you how to give a great massage, as well as how to give it without hurting yourself or your partner. 

In this 2-hour class you will learn:

• How to use professional techniques that save your hands from getting tired

• How to use the appropriate amount of lotion for a more effective massage

• How to use heat effectively to make giving a massage easier

• How to apply specific pressure points to reduce stress and headaches

• How to give a great massage

Modesty is of GREAT importance so proper draping techniques will be used during the hands on portion. Couples Massage Training  MARRIED COUPLES 18 years or older. All materials and supplies will be provided. You will receive a training manual, massage oil and a coupon.