Massage cupping uses negative pressure(suction) to release rigid soft tissue, drain excess fluids, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue, bring blood flow to skin and muscles.  This is a very effective treatment. $45     $70     $85     $100 

Wellness Packs

4 Sessions - 30 Minutes - $160       6 Sessions - 30Minutes $228

4 Sessions - 60 Minutes - $245       6 Sessions-  60Minutes  $350

4 Sessions - 75 Minutes - $297       6 Sessions - 75Minutes $ 425

4 Sessions - 90 Minutes - $350       6 Sessions - 90Minutes $ 500


Pregnancy Massage Package - $245

Well-oiled Machine - 10 Sessions - 30 Minutes - $300


This is a full body massage using warm stones to melt away stress and penetrate the tightest muscles. This massage addresses the entire body using spinal layout, tucking stones under target areas, and using stones as an extension of my hands to allow you to receive healing warmth from the stones. 

75 minute $85     90 minute $105


Massage series are a wonderful way to incorporate massage therapy into your wellness routine. It is recommended to get a massage every 3 to 4 weeks to maintain its valuable benefits. Purchasing a massage series you to save money and stay on a maintained schedule. One of our best sellers is the Well-oiled Machine pack. This pack includes 10 30-minute sessions, allowing you to come in regularly for quick refreshing sessions at a great value. We also offer a  Pregnancy massage package for moms-to-be during their 2nd-3rd trimester. 


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This massage is effective at addressing tight muscles and is luxurious. Part of the massage is performed using the feet, which allows you to receive a deep and broad pressure. After receiving this massage, you will feel like you are floating out of the treatment room.

$45     $70     $85     $100 


This massage session has been created specifically to help the client Relax as well as provide a level of Restoration. Everybody needs relaxation and this massage session will cover that need AND address specific areas of tension due to repetitive strain or lack of motion. Having the skill to custom design your massage using several massage techniques and tools will send you into a state of relaxation and restoration. Hot towels and aromatherapy are complimentary.

$45     $70     $85     $100


The goal for prenatal massage is to meet the pregnant client right where she is during all seasons of pregnancy. With each trimester come changes in the body and specific needs to be addressed. Pillows and the BodyCushion system will be used to make you so comfortable, you will not want to leave . Prenatal clients are asked to get an okay from their physician or midwife if they are considered a high risk or special needs case.

$45     $70    $85    $100