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Ashiatsu Massage

Fancy Footwork for your back!

I want to take you through an exercise for the moment.  Imagine yourself in a peaceful and relaxing wellness center.  You are scheduled to receive an hour massage.  You have been working really hard on a project for work for the past 3 weeks and you finally finished it before the deadline.   Needless to say, you really need this hour massage.  Your shoulders especially.  Because you have been doing much of the work on a computer and that is where you carry most of your tension.  Your neck is stiff because you slept funny the night before.  And your legs are sore because you went for a run earlier in the week.  Again, you really need this massage.

Your therapist greets you and takes you into the treatment room to do the initial intake.  Your therapist goes over your history, and any concerns and questions you may have.  You also discuss goals of the session.  What do you want to achieve during the session?  Your answer is very simple. You want to relax and reduce stress.  You also want to have tension in your neck and shoulders addressed as well as your legs because they were sore from the run earlier. 

The therapist leaves you to get onto the treatment table and the massage begins.

Your Therapist is doing a PHENOMENAL job.  They have listened to your needs and are addressing them to the best to their ability BUT, it just isn’t enough.  “Can you go a little deeper?”    You politely ask, as they are addressing your upper shoulders.  They do increase the pressure, but you still feel like it’s just not enough.  You settle and enjoy the session in spite of feeling like you could use a whole other hour just on your upper shoulders.  You come away from the session feeling relaxed, but maybe not completely satisfied.

Now I want you to imagine the same experience above BUT coming away completely satisfied.  Feeling relaxed AND like you have a BRAND NEW BODY.  Your muscles are no longer tense and you feel like jello.   You feel AMAZING!

The one thing that made this experience happen was employing a technique called ASHIATSU – and Seasons Massage Therapy is pleased to offer Ashiatsu Massages in Cedar Rapids, IA!

Ashiatsu is a unique bodywork style during which a therapist ‘walks’ on the client’s back, using overhead bars and gravity for balance and their bare feet instead of their hands to apply therapeutic pressure also may be known as Barefoot Shiatsu and Oriental Bar Therapy.  Ashiatsu literally means “Ashi”-foot and “Atsu”-pressure when translated in Japanese. 

The therapist doesn’t actually “walk” on the client’s back, but uses their feet and body weight to give a deep and broad pressure that will make the recipient feel AMAZING!  The therapist will also use their hands when appropriate, like to address the neck and apply lotion, but for a majority of the massage while the client is in the prone or facedown position, will be performed using the Ashiatsu Technique.

This bodywork will relieve tight muscles because of the deep, slow, broad strokes. The therapist can achieve an effective and therapeutic stretch and pull type of pressure, it’s hard to put into words, but is worth experiencing for yourself.  A client said that “They felt like a tube of toothpaste being squeezed from the bottom up.”  

Ashiatsu will reduce stress and deepen your level of relaxation.  By using Ashiatsu the therapist is able to not only give a consistently deep pressure, the strokes are long and continuous, almost like a dance.  The end result is the client can focus on relaxing into the massage, and not worry about not having muscle tension addressed, because it’s pretty likely that they will.

Who would be a candidate for Ashiatsu?

It’s perfect for lovers of deep tissue work or can’t seem to find a therapist to do deep enough work for them.  It is also useful as a sports preparation or athletic maintenance, as the elements of stretching and engaging the large muscle groups are incorporated. It is also a great way to quickly warm up the large muscles for more detailed therapy, especially on people who are very muscular.